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RI ambassadors promote Sail Morotai

16th April 2012 | 2.170 Views
RI ambassadors promote Sail Morotai
(ANTARA/Andika Wahyu)
Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA News) - Indonesian ambassadors in the United States, Australia, and Japan are helping to promote the upcoming international marine event of Sail Morotai, to take place in September 2012, the event`s local committee chairman, Muhadjir Albar, said here on Monday.

"The Sail Morotai national committee has provided the ambassadors with the materials and information for the event to be promoted intensively in the United States, Australia, and Japan," Muhadjir said.

He added that the promotion of Sail Morotai by these Indonesian ambassadors was expected to popularize the international marine event in the targeted foreign countries.

Muhadjir said Sail Morotai has been promoted in the United States, Australia, and Japan because the three countries had fought on Morotai island in North Maluku during World War II.

The United States and its allied forces built its military base on Morotai island during World War II and, in light of its history, Morotai is a haven for wartime artifacts which are being promoted for the success of Sail Morotai 2012.

Commenting on preparation of the island's infrastructure, Muhadjir said preparations were being managed and expected to be ready on time.

He noted that the central government has allocated Rp80 billion to fund construction of Sail Morotai supporting infrastructures and facilities.

North Maluku provincial government has also allocated Rp130 billion to support the success of the international marine event at Morotai island.