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Govt to send joint team to Malaysia over shooting case

4th May 2012 | 1.856 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government will send another fact-finding team, comprising personnel from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the national police and the attorney general`s office, to Malaysia to investigate the death of three migrant workers.

"To encourage a good investigation process, a team from the foreign ministry, the police and the attorney general`s office will again be sent to Malaysia to follow the investigation process there," remarked Michael Tene, a spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry here on Friday.

The team will depart this week, he added.

The Malaysian police are still investigating the case wherein three Indonesian migrant workers were shot dead by five Malaysian police officers last March in Negeri Sembilan state, Malaysia.

According to Michael Tene, the investigators want to know whether the Negeri Sembilan police officers followed the correct procedures during the shooting incident.

The three migrant workers - Herman, Abdul Kadir Jaelani and Mad Noor - hailed from West Nusa Tenggara and were working on construction projects and oil palm plantations in Malaysia. They were shot in the chest and head on being suspected of intending to commit a robbery.

Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution, a spokesman of the national police, pointed out that each nation has its own standard operation procedure to deal with crimes.

"We must respect the regulations prevailing in other countries. The Indonesian police can only offer suggestions and assistance, if they are needed by Malaysia," he added.(*)