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Anti-terror police arrests two suspects

11th May 2012 | 2.706 Views
Anti-terror police arrests two suspects
Photo ducument of Indonesian Anti Terror Detachment (Densus-88) police. (ANTARA/Asep Urban)
Solo, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The Anti Terror Detachment (Densus-88) police has arrested two terror suspects in two locations here on Friday.

The chief of the Surakarta City Police Headquarters, Senior Commissioner Asdjima`in, confirmed the arrest when contacted on the phone.

"Densus-88 police have informed me about the arrest of the two terror suspects. The two are suspected to have been involved in the Kepunton bombing and the North Sumatra terrorist network," he said.

The two suspects, both 17 years old, are Rizki Dian Furqon (a resident of RT6/RW5 neighbourhood, Jalan Comal 6, Semanggi village, Pasar Kliwon sub-district) and Teguh alias Parkit (from Ngaglik hamlet, Selokaton village, Gondangrejo, Kranganyar).

Dian was caught by the Densus-88 police at Jalan Kiai Mojo in Semanggi when he was returning from a Friday prayer at 12.45 a.m. local time.

In the meantime, Teguh alias Parkit was arrested in Pasar Pagi, Banjarsari, Solo, at about 1 p.m.

Semanggi Village Chief Security Wahyono, 63, said the arrest of Dian took place swiftly and he was driven away in an Avanze Toyota minivan.