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Govt to provide clean water facilities in border areas

23rd May 2012 | 1.962 Views
Govt to provide clean water facilities in border areas
Ilustration Clean Water (ANTARA/Ahmad Subaidi)
Taulaud (ANTARA News) - North Sulawesi Province Government is planning to build clean water systems in the two outer islands of Miangas and Marore, which border the Philippines.

"This year, we are going to implement the plan in Miangas island in Talaud district and Marore island in Sangihe district," Head of North Sulawesi Public Work Agency JE Kenap said here on Wednesday.

He added the agency allocated Rp800 million to the clean water facilities project. The government also has to review the location for the facilities.

"We hope this project is completed this year and the local people can use them. Some of support equipment is ready," JE Kenap stated.

Last year, the government had also built distillation facilities for the locals.

The islands, situated a few kilometers away from the Indonesia-Philippine border, have a well-preserved culture.

The Indonesian government has started development efforts in Miangas island in the North Sulawesi province, which has already been registered with the United Nations as one of Indonesia`s peripheral regions.