Medan (ANTARA News) - North Sumatra suffered a deficit of US$10.909 million in its trade with Malaysia in the first quarter driven by declining exports from the region.

The chairman of the North Sumatra chapter of the Association of Indonesian Businessmen (Apindo), Parlindungan Purba, said here on Friday exports dropped driven by declining exports of horticultural products including three major commodities namely rubber, palm oil and cocoa.

Exports of cabbages suffered a sharp decline while in the 90s era exports of the commodity were large, he said.

"Exports to Malaysia must be boosted as the opportunity for it is still big," he said.

The head of the North Sumatra office of the National Statistics Agency, Suharno, admitted there had been a deficit of US$10.909 million in the region`s trade with Malaysia in the first quarter.

He said the deficit happened because imports kn the period had reached US$130.553 million while exports had reached only US$119.645 million.

The deficit has gone on as of January to March, he added.

North Sumatra`s biggest exports to Malaysia are cocoa, coffee, gloves and horticultural products while its biggest imports are food products and beverages and rubber products.

Editor: Priyambodo RH


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