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US provides US$7 million to Bunaken Sea Park

4th June 2012 | 2.752 Views
US provides US$7 million to Bunaken Sea Park
Photo document of Bunaken area. (ANTARA/Prasetyo Utomo)
Manado (ANTARA News) - The US government has provided funds of US$7 million to help develop the National Sea Park of Bunaken, the US Consul General in Surabaya, Kristen Bauer, said here on Sunday during a visit to Bunaken.

"We have been cooperating in the field of environment with the government of Indonesia, particularly for the Bunaken National Sea Park area, from 1997 to 2003," she declared.

According to her, the funds are used to help fishermen conducting fish farming to sustain their daily lives.

The fishermen also contribute to the park`s safety by patrolling the national park jointly with the relevant agencies to ensure that only appropriate activities are conducted in appropriate places in the park.

"We also want to make sure that the system which was built long ago is still functioning. Are the fishermen is still protecting and preserving the environment while continuing with their farming?" Kristen inquired.

Kristen expressed her appreciation for all the parties that jointly conduct conservation activities to ensure fish and coral reef preservation in the park.

She hoped that there would be a new breakthrough in increasing revenues for the park, which would further the preservation of coral reefs and improve the welfare of local communities.

"Hopefully, the management can find a solution to repair this area, so that it can be a source of income for the local community," she stated.

With regard to attracting more visitors to the park, the management of the Bunaken National Park Management Board (BNPMAB) is expected to collaborate with educational institutions.

In addition, the management will educate tourists before they enter Bunaken.

"This is intended to provide understanding and awareness, so that they can dispose of waste in the appropriate place," Kristen remarked.