Batam (ANTARA News) - Economic activity must be revived in the peripheral islands of Indonesia, Maritime and Fisheries Minister Sharif C Sutardjo said here on Monday.

"There must be economic activity and sovereignty in the outlying islands, especially the uninhabited ones," Sharif stated.

He said the economic activity should be in line with the potential of each island, adding some islands were potential fishery centres while others were good for other business activities.

"The economic activity must be based on the potential of the island concerned," Sharif said, adding Nipah island in Malacca Strait was suitable as a refueling port for ships.

With regard to the development of other remote islands in Riau Islands Province, the minister said it all depended on their potential and suitability.

Sharif noted the government would also develop the peripheral islands of Kalimantan, but he said it was too early to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said the regional government fully supported the development efforts in Nipah island because of the island´┐Żs strategic location.

"The Nipah island development will be in line with its territorial spatial plan," he added. ***2***


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