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Profauna ready to build animal sanctuary in Malang

4th June 2012 | 4.306 Views
Profauna ready to build animal sanctuary in Malang
Photo document of ProFauna activity. (ANTARA/Marifka Wahyu Hidayat)
Malang (ANTARA News) - ProFauna, an Indonesian animal protection charity organisation, is preparing to build a sanctuary in the Profauna Wildlife Rescue Centre in Petung Sewu, Dau sub-district in the Malang regency.

The head of ProFauna in Indonesia, Rosek Nur Sahid, declared on Monday that the sanctuary will host not only endangered species but also several other animals, including sick, old and disabled animals.

"Animals that are sick or old cannot be released into the wild; it will endanger their safety. That is why we came up with the initiative to build a sanctuary in the Petung Sewu area," Sahid remarked.

Sahid also mentioned that even though the sanctuary is yet to be built, ProFauna is already nursing several old and disabled animals.

He admitted that in several cases, sick animals that have regained their health after undergoing intensive care will be released into the wild, but if they are not healthy, they will remain with ProFauna, where they will be provided care.

As an example, Sahid stated that not long ago, a farmer found a weasel and its young one, called a `kit`; he handed the pair to ProFauna.

"We nursed the weasel until it was healthy and the kit was ready to be independent; we will definitely return them to the wild because they are in a healthy condition now," he explained.

ProFauna, Sahid continued, accepts not only animals that are found by civilians, but also old and sick animals from zoos that cannot take care of these animals.

Regarding the money that is required to nurse old and wounded animals, Sahid said that the donors care for animals, regardless of whether they are endangered or not.

"We do not rely on funds from agencies, especially funds from the government," Sahid clarified.