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US, Indonesian armies conduct joint exercise in Malang

11th June 2012 | 1.938 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian army and the US Army Pacific (USARPAC) are conducting a joint exercise, code-named "Garuda Shield 2012", in Singosari, Malang, East Java.

The exercise, which commenced on Monday, was led by commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad), Lieutenant General M Munir and USARPAC commander Brigadier General Hara at the Infantry-2 Division/Kostrad in Singosari.

Lt.Gen Munir stated the exercise was aimed at improving the capabilities and skills of the participants, through a general training module of the United Nations, as well as increasing military cooperation between the two countries.

"It is also aimed at increasing cooperation between the Indonesian army (TNI-AD) and USARPAC," he said.

He said the exercise would give participants a clear understanding of their duties as UN security forces, so that they could carry out their tasks in a uniform manner.

He expressed hope the coordination and cooperation between TNI-AD and their counterparts in several countries would be stronger, so that harmonious relations - based on mutual trust and respect - could be developed among countries that participated in UN peacekeeping missions.

Munir said the exercise was expected to help participants be better prepared for UN security operations, because it would provide them with a common perspective on the procedures and mechanisms involved in the planning of such operations.

"Participants are expected to be able to understand technical handling procedures in the field, in line with UN standard procedures," he said.

Meanwhile, USARPAC chief Brigadier General Hara said Garuda Shield 2012 was an important exercise not only for military purposes, but also for building cooperation in the Pacific region.

He called for joint efforts to continue supporting peace operations by conducting joint exercises.

Hara said this was a golden opportunity for the two countries` forces to share their experience and knowledge and build friendship. (*)