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Two Indonesian surfers win WSC champion titles

17th June 2012 | 3.055 Views
Sukabumi, West Java (ANTARA News) - Two Indonesian surfers - Sudjari and Ari Hidayat - won champion titles from master and long board events in the West Java Surfing Championship here on Sunday.

"Today is the final of the 3rd event of the WSC and two Indonesian surfers have successfully beaten surfers from abroad such as France, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and others," the president of the Indonesia Surfing Competition (ISC), Tipi Jabrig, told reporters.

This was the result to be proud of as they could beat top surfers like Teiki Balian from France who finished third in the long board event.

"The winners would be sent to the 4th Quick Silver championship in West Nusa Tenggara and if they are successful again they would proceed to the final event in Bali," he said.

In the Women Open meanwhile Philippine surfer Milbi Blankada emerged as the champion with Iis Krisnawati from Indonesia finished fourth while Taiwanese Jacsi Hong finished third and Australian Roxi second.

The champion title in the Men Open was won by Lee Wilson from Australia with Indonesian Mustafa Jeksen took a second position and Pepeng Hendri as well as Putra Hermawan also from Indonesia took the third place.

The West Java Surfing Championship and Wind Surfing Exhibition 2012 was attended by participant from various provinces in the country and abroad including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, France and Australia.

Indonesian top surfer Dede Suryana who won the 2010 championship failed in the championship this time. (*)