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Ship carrying illegal immigrants capsized near Christmas islands

23rd June 2012 | 3.090 Views
Rio de Janeiro (ANTARA  News) - A ship carrying more than one hundred illegal immigrants has capsized in the waters between Indonesia and Australia`s Christmas Island.

"There is a report that a ship has capsized between Indonesia and Christmas Island, or between Indonesia and Australia. I have talked with Prime Minister Julia Gillard," President Yudhoyono said here on Friday.

He added that based upon a cooperation framework between the two countries, Indonesia and Australia have agreed that the country closest to the scene of the incident should first provide help.

"According to the coordinating minister of political, security and law affairs this morning, it is Australia that is closer to the scene, although we have also carried out rescue efforts," he said.

Reports claim 110 people have been saved, though it was not yet known where the ship came from or who were aboard the ship.

President Yudhoyono said Indonesia has already implemented the "Bali Process" to deal with cases like this.

The Bali Process is one of the cooperation frameworks between Indonesia and Australia to deal with, among others, illegal immigrants coming through Indonesia towards Australia.

Media reports quoting Australian home affairs minister Jason Clare say minimally 100 victims of the ship carrying illegal immigrants seeking asylum in Christmas Island, Australia, have not yet been found.

Meanwhile, another 110 others have been saved and three bodies have been recovered.

A ship believed to be carrying illegal immigrants capsized some 200 kilometers north of Christmas Island on Thursday. (*)