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Rhinos in Indonesia in more critical condition

27th June 2012 | 3.467 Views
Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA News) - The International Rhinos Foundation (IRF) disclosed that the rhinos in Indonesia are in a critical condition compared to those in other parts of the world.

"Since the last 20 years, the rhinos in Indonesia, especially in Sumatra, have practically lost their habitat as the result of massive illegal hunting," IRF Manager Sussie Ellise said in East Lampung on Wednesday.

She said the ILF with a partnership of the Indonesian Rhino Foundation (YABI) will be giving its firm support to the team in Indonesia to the survival of the big animals.

"Especially now that Andatu, the recently born rhino, will serve as a momentum in efforts for the survival of the rhinos in Sumatra," she added.

She also said that she has received many short messages and emails from many parts of the world congratulating the birth of Andatu, especially as the rhino population has not increased in the last 140 years, and that Andatu`s birth was the fourth in the world and the first in South East Asia.

Coordinator of the Sumatra Rhinos Wildlife Reserve (SRS) Dedi Chandra said the tiny rhino born to from a male Andalas and female Andatu is now in an excellent condition and continued familiarizing with its surroundings.

"Immediately two hours after its birth yesterday (June 26), it began searching for its mother`s milk, although often falling in the effort," Dedi.

In the next two weeks a team of Indonesian and foreign doctors will be monitoring until Andatu has reached a truly good and stable condition considering that the first two weeks following birth are critical.

A male Sumatra rhino was born in SRS TNWK East Lampung on Saturday (June 23) at 00.45 West Indonesia Time.

In a press release head of TNWK Institute Iwen Supranata said the birth of the rhino was the first after the breeding conservation in Asia 124 years ago.

"The birth of the rhino served as an historical milestone for the preservation of Sumatra rhinos and would hopefully increase world confidence in the government in preserving the rare animals in Indonesia," he said.(*)