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Star-rated hotels to be built in Karawang

28th June 2012 | 2.360 Views
Star-rated hotels to be built in Karawang
Photo document of investment activities in Karawang, West Java. (ANTARA/Sigid Kurniawan)
Karawang (ANTARA News) - A number of star-rated hotels will be built in technical rice fields along the West Karawang interchange, Karawang regency, West Java, this year.

Head of the Karawang the Integrated Capital Investment and Licensing Agency (BPMPT) Okih Hermawan said he has already received hotel construction licensing applications from a number of investors and some hotels are already under construction.

He said the investors appeared to prefer building the hotels along the West Karawang interchange because of its strategic location of being near to cities and not far from the West Karawang Toll gate.

Some investors have also made a licensing application for the building of shop houses, stores and restaurants along the West Karawang interchange.

He said the West Karawang interchange from ice factory flyover to Badami bridge will be full of all sorts of buildings, as the area has been projected for service and trade expansion.