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Indonesia calls for immediate settlement of crisis in Syria

29th June 2012 | 1.919 Views
Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called for an immediate and concrete solution to the crisis in Syria that threatens to spiral out of control with an increasing number of fatalities on the rise.

Indonesia is very concerned about the situation in Syria that continues to deteriorate, he revealed at the general lecture on regional development before the participants of the Staff and Command College, the military and police staff, and the Mid-level Leadership School here on Friday.

"Horizontal conflicts among states and inter-states have become more and more concerning. Last night I talked (about it) with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (on phone)," he commented.

During the conversation with Ban Ki-moon, he was also informed that there will be a meeting with the veto-wielding powers in Geneva to discuss the Syrian problem.

"Indonesia thinks if the present framework of settlement works with the UN sending non-armed observers in line with Chapter X (of the UN Mandate) and a cease-fire is established, it will be good for the region, if followed by a political process," he added.

However, if the framework cannot be implemented, Indonesia, he said, has proposed the deployment of a peace keeping force in Syria, not with a purpose of unseating the Syrian government under President Bashar Al Assad, but to stop armed conflicts in the region.

President Yudhoyono said that the escalation of the crisis had been worrisome. "I hope an immediate solution is sought, so that that violence stops. Not only the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the UN, but all of us hope that the conflict is resolved. We will see what will happen in the days to come. I have asked the foreign minister to communicate with the Russian and US foreign ministers. Hopefully a solution can be found," he expressed.