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Indonesia parliamentarian concerned over low budget for national library

6th July 2012 | 2.061 Views
Indonesia parliamentarian concerned over low budget for national library
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Ahmad Zainuddin of the House Commission X, was very concerned over the low budget allocation towards the national library, which has an important role in providing knowledge and information to the citizens.

"The government should pay more attention to this matter since the library has never received such a high priority so far," he said here on Friday.

He explained, Rp300 billion (US$32million) for the library budget in 2012 was still low when compared to the budget of the national examination that stood at Rp600 billion (US$64million).

"This is something ironic on account of the role and function of library itself," Zainuddin said, thus highlighting the weaknesses in the management and services of the national library.

According to him, national library must change its paradigm from its low service standards that have led to a poor interest among the people. On the other hand, those libraries managed by the private sector or individuals get more visitors just because of better services and facilities.

Hence, Zainuddin urged the government to give full support to the management of national library in order to attract more people to visit in the future.

"National library is one of the most important strategic assets in building a well-educated society. Therefore, the library should be able to combine its image as a knowledge source to that of a tourist and a cultural center," he stressed.

The politician of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) also believed that the number of national library visitors will increase significantly, if its management also improved the services and facilities provided.

"The House Commission X also approved additional budget as long as its use is in line with the priority of the program. For that reason, budget should not be made an excuse for the improvement of the national library," Zainuddin added.