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Attorney General`s Office team arrests 21 fugitives

9th July 2012 | 3.385 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Attorney General`s Office (AGO) team has, up until early June 2012, caught 21 fugitives, Attorney General Basrief Arief said here on Monday.

He expressed appreciation for the performance of the team that successfully caught the fugitives.

"I thank the team for carrying out its task well by catching [the fugitives]," Basrief said.

Among the 21 fugitives are Sutanto Adrian and Lenny Rompis, the couple who were wanted in connection with a certificate forgery case relating to the construction of a mall in the North Sulawesi capital of Manado.

Sutanto and Lenny were nabbed at the 31st floor of the Season City apartment in Latumenten street, Grogol, West Jakarta.

Previously, the AGO team had arrested another fugitive named Okky Anita Kahimpong in Surabaya.

The team then captured Zulbuchari, who was convicted for corruption in the oil palm case that caused losses to the state up to Rp9.3 billion, in Murung Raya district, Central Kalimantan.

The task force of the Attorney General office and the North Sumatra high prosecution office also caught Faisal Amir, a fugitive who was convicted of money laundering, worth Rp50 billion, at the state-owned BNI bank`s branch office in Radion Dalam, South Jakarta.(*)