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Nightclubs closed during Ramadhan

11th July 2012 | 11.606 Views
Ternate, N. Maluku (ANTARA News) - The local government of Ternate asked nightclub owners to close their joints during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan.

"We have asked all nightclub owners in Kota Ternate to close their clubs during Ramadhan," said Deputy Mayor of Kota Ternate Arifin Djafar here on Wednesday.

According to an official letter sent out to the owners, the local government has insisted that all such establishments be shut for business during the day.

If any nightclub was seen serving patrons during the day, the government would revoke their business licenses, warned Djafar.

Arifin Djafar also suggested that the government may sanction extensive raids against prostitution as the month approaches towards Ramadhan.

"We have received some complaints from the citizens with regards to prostitution. Therefore, we have raided a few hotels and motels in Ternate," he said.

All restaurants in the city will remain closed during the day to respect the Muslim fasting in Ramadhan.