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Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee receives 54 complaints

12th July 2012 | 17.580 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee has announced that it received 54 complaints from local people about fraud during the Jakarta gubernatorial elections on July 11.

"We have received 54 complaints from the people and officers whom we had stationed at several electoral centers. Most complaints are about people being unable to vote because they are not registered at their respective polling stations," Chief of Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee Ramdansyah said here on Thursday.

He added that he had deployed 1,400 officers to watch over the polling stations across Jakarta.

Six pairs of candidate are running for governor and vice governor for the 2012-16 term, namely Fauzi Bowo-Nachrowi, Alex Noerdin-Nono Sampono, Jokowi-Basuki Tjahaja, Hidayat Nurwahid-Didik J Rachbini, Faisal Basri-Biem Benyamin, and Hendardji Soepanji-A Riza patria.

According to a quick count released by Lingkaran Survei Indonesia (LSI), the Jokowi-Basuki pair is leading with 43.04 percent of the votes, followed by Fauzi Bowo-Nachrowi with 34.17 percent.(*)