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Pusri distributes 794,000 tons of subsidized urea fertilizer

12th July 2012 | 16.172 Views
Pusri distributes 794,000 tons of subsidized urea fertilizer
Photo document of subsidized fertilizer distribution in Sunda Kelapa Seaport, Jakarta. (ANTARA/Fikri Adin)
Palembang (ANTARA News) - State fertilizer company PT Pupuk Sriwijaya (Pusri) distributed 794,453 tons of subsidized urea fertilizer among farmers in nine provinces in Indonesia in the first half of this year.

The distribution of subsidized fertilizers which used a closed distribution system ran smoothly according to the standing procedure, PT Pusri spokesman Masriza Ali said here on Thursday.

The closed distribution system means that the fertilizer was distributed among farmers registered in farmer groups, while those who were not registered are not entitled to buy subsidized fertilizer, he said.

He said the distribution system accorded with farmer groups` definitive needs in each of the provinces.

The nine provinces included South Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, Bangka Belitung, Jakarta and Banten,

Subsidized fertilizer is among the goods whose distribution and use are supervised by the government, he said.

To avoid abuse of subsidized fertilizer, fertilizer and pesticide supervisory commission was set up in each province or district/municipality.

Besides being distributed selectively among farmers, subsidized fertilizer had been produced in different colors since October 1, 2011, he said.

Subsidized urea fertilizer had changed its color from white to pink. The change in colors is intended to distinguish between subsidized fertilizer and non-subsidized fertilizer.