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Soutwest Maluku to have mobile hospital

13th July 2012 | 1.987 Views
Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - The Southwest Maluku district (MBD) in Maluku province will soon have a mobile hospital to provide the local community with better and timely health services, according to MBD health office spokesman Hans Aipassa.

"The mobile hospital of the Ministry of Health is under construction in Tiakur, Moa island, and will be operated starting July," he said here on Friday.

Aipassa added that the Ministry of Health had initially planned to grant the mobile hospital to Morotai district government, but later decided to give it to Southwest Maluku, a district borders Timor Leste and Australia.

"The hospital was already labelled `Morotai, but due to an urgent need of health services for the people in Southwest Maluku, it was finally granted to the district," he explained.

Aipassa stated that the hospital had nine rooms, including treatment and operation rooms that were equipped with various medical facilities.

"It is a knock-down hospital that can be moved any time to areas where urgent medical assistance is required," he said.

Aipassa noted that the availability of a mobile hospital in the district would significantly benefit the rural communities, which faced more health problems than those in towns and cities.

Health care has been a big issue for the rural people in Southwest Maluku, because they are unable to reach a hospital quickly enough in case of an emergency.

"Besides, rural and remote areas in the district have fewer doctors and dentists, and certain specialists are not available at all," Aipassa pointed out.

"Sometimes they have to travel long distances, from one island to another, for checkups and screenings," he said.

"Therefore, we hope the central government, through the Ministry of Health, can allocate sufficient funds for the development of health facilities and health services for the rural communities in Southwest Maluku district," Aipassa added.