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Indonesia, China barometers of regional stability

15th July 2012 | 1.715 Views
Indonesia, China barometers of regional stability
Commander Admiral Agus Suhartono. (ANTARA)
Jinan, China (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) Commander Admiral Agus Suhartono says Indonesia and China are two big countries in Asia that have become barometers of security stability in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

"In view of that it is therefore proper for Indonesia and China especially their armed forces to work together to build and maintain the regional stability," he says in his written address read out at the closing of a joint exercise between Indonesian Army`s Special Force Kopassus and its Chinese counterpart PLA special force in Jinan, Shandong, China, on Sunday.

He says in the address read out by army chief`s operations assistant Major General Dedi Kusnandi Thamim that the spirit of solidarity and friendship and professionalism that has been demonstrated during the exercise is an asset for increasing partnership between Indonesia and China, two countries` armies in particular, in the future.

"The good relations and cooperation between the two countries` armies are part of the strategic partnership agreement made by the two countries to increase the capacity and capabilities of the two countries` armies with regard to maintaining regional and international peace and stability," he says.

Suhartono says Indonesia and China as barometers of stability in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific have strategic positions and significance.

Indonesia and China especially the two countries` armies must work together to improve their capacity and capabilities in dealing with a variety of security threats in the two regions including terrorism, epidemic and transnational crimes, he says.

The Indonesian military commander says the anti-terror joist exercise has given motivation, inspiration and enlightenment on aspects of counter-terrorism including that that in the region in line with the strategic developments.

The chief of staff of Jinan`s military region, Lieutenant General Zhao Zhonggi meanwhile said the joint exercise between Kopassus and the PLA special force was a new milestone in the relations between the two countries and the two countries` armies in particular.

"Participants of the exercise have not only become the eye-witnesses on how stronger has become the strategic partnership that has been developed by the two countries to especially build and maintain regional and international peace and security," he said.

Zhonggi said the joint exercise was one of the forms of reaction and anticipation towards various regional and international threats.

"All programs in the exercise have been carried out well and smoothly according to expectations through mutual confidence, experience sharing with an aim of deepening the relations and cooperation to anticipate various threats," he said.

Kopassus and the Chinese special force PLA for the second time conducted an exercise code-named "Sharp Knife II/2012" at the integrated exercise base in Jinan from July 3 to 12.

The two forces each deployed 76 personnel for the anti-terrorism exercise.

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