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Indonesian police capture two terrorist suspects

19th July 2012 | 2.615 Views
Indonesian police capture two terrorist suspects
Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar. (ANTARA)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Anti-terror police unit special detachment (Densus 88) arrested Naim, alias Primus, and Qhoribul Mujib, alias Mujib, as terrorist suspects on Wednesday.

"After investigating for seven days and finding strong evidence, Densus 88 arrested two suspects on July 12 at the market area in Central Poso (Sulawesi)," the National Police head of public information bureau, Senior Commissioner Boy Rafli Amar, said here on Thursday.

The two suspects were found to be involved in several cases. In 2010, they were allegedly involved in helping a wanted terrorist suspect hide in a hut in Watumaete, Lore Utara, Poso district, for two months. One of them also allegedly gave refuge to another terrorist, at his house in Jalan Cemara, Palu, for many weeks. The two suspects were also found to be involved with terrorist training camps in Jalin, Jantho Aceh, he added.

In February 2010, the two allegedly joined a terrorist training camp - on using weapons and making bombs - at Gunung Biru in Poso Pesisir, which was held by Santoso, the chief of the JAT Asykari (terrorist trainees) for Poso, who is still at large.

"Santoso is wanted for his involvement in the shooting death of a police officer at a cocoa plantation in Tamanjeka and also in connection with the BCA shooting incident in Palu some time ago," Boy stated.

"In 2012, the two suspects allegedly supplied hundreds of 5.56 mm rounds of ammunition for a terrorist training camp in Malino hills. We found bullets left over from the clashes in Poso in 2000 and traced their source," he explained.

Naim will be charged with terrorism.

"Qhoribul Mujib, meanwhile, had been preparing to become a suicide bomber and has helped hide Santoso. He also has information about terrorist suspect Agung Prasetyo," Boy pointed out.

Qhoribul will also face terrorism charges.

"The police are still developing the case to investigate about the involvement of other parties," Boy said.