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Indonesian govt encourages developers to build low-income people apartment

20th July 2012 | 2.246 Views
Indonesian govt encourages developers to build low-income people apartment
(ANTARA/Andika Wahyu)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Public Housing Ministry (Kemenpera) has called on developers to build public apartment complexes for the low-income people (MBR) at affordable pricing.

"We hope that the developers continue to provide apartments for MBR," said Deputy of Kemenpera Formal Housing Pangihutan Marpaung in his statement made at Jakarta on Friday.

According to him, the development of public apartments was mentioned in Apartment Regulation No. 20 of 2011, which set the guidelines for all people, including the developers.

He also stated that the supply of public apartments was still at a bare minimum because several developers preferred constructing commercial apartments instead of public apartments.

To build public apartments, he explained, the developers could join and collaborate with the local government, center government, and State Own Enterprises (BUMN) among the developers.

Moreover, Kemenpera was also planning to provide assistance in the form of a construction credit - Subsidy Apartment, which could shoulder approximately 70 percent of total construction cost.

Previously, Kemenpera had ranked the management devoted to Rent Apartment (Rusunawa) and had appreciated Rusunawa administrators by commending their good work.

"In order to support Apartment Manager Development, the rankings were addressed for the implementation of orderly Rusunawa Management, in both administration and technical (rounds)," said Pangihutan Marpaung.

He hoped that the program would continue to stabilize the housing environment.

Supported by Public Work Minister, Kemenpera has organized the Rasunawa managerial ranking in 2012, which was divided into four categories, namely Student Rusunawa, People/Public Rusunawa, Police/Military Rasunawa, and Arrangement of Slum Rusunawa.

The result of assessment shows that Rusunawa Public Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sunan Ampel in Surabaya bagged the title in the Student Rusunawa category. Meanwhile, Jebres Jurug Rusunawa was the winner in People/Public Rusunawa category.

Furthermore, Panggungharjo Rusunawa, Bantul Regency was adjudged the winner in Arrangement of Slum Rusunaw category while Dalmas Dit Satbhara Polda Metro Jaya Rusunawa in Daan Mogot bagged the first place in Police/Military Rusunawa category.