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Ariel "Peterpan" not allowed to go abroad

23rd July 2012 | 3.864 Views
Nazriel "Ariel Peterpan" IIrham inside the rail in Bandung, W Java, prison several months ago. He is now released in his parole but not allow to stage abroad. (ANTARA/Agus Bebeng)
Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - Indonesian singer Nazriel Ilham, popularly known by his stage name Ariel "Peterpan", has been barred from traveling abroad during his parole, except for medical treatments, Hajj pilgrimage or on humanitarian grounds.

Head of Bandung Penitentiary Nuruddin Musa said that Ariel's parole would end on September 21, 2014, here on Monday.

"He is not allowed to sing or stage a concert in foreign countries, but he may go abroad for shows conducted for charity," Nuruddin said.

He added that Ariel could continue to sing in concerts held outside the city, although the singer would need permission from the prison authorities and the Bandung attorney before doing so.

Nuruddin stated that no restrictions have been imposed on Ariel`s participation in the band activities, such as recording music albums. However, Ariel would still have to report to the district attorney once every month during his parole.

Ariel was also asked to participate in the coaching, monitoring and evaluation programs of the penitentiary. The penitentiary officers will visit Ariel`s place once every month to confirm that he continues to stay at his recorded address.

Were he to be charged with committing a crime during his parole, his parole status could be revoked and he could be forced to undergo the rest of his sentence, the officer added.

Ariel was freed from Kebonwaru Penitentiary on Monday morning at 09.15 am, local time, after serving two-thirds of his three-and-a-half month sentence in prison as per Indonesian law.

He was found guilty of producing pornographic videos and was sentenced to prison in January 2011. He was also fined 250 million rupiahs (26 thousand US dollar) to be paid over the course of three months. Ariel has been locked up since the investigation began in June 2011.