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Banyu Urip oil output up

24th July 2012 | 1.775 Views
Bojonegoro, East Java (ANTARA News) - The oil production of the Banyu Urip field of the Cepu Block in Bojonegoro, East Java, rose to 22,197 barrels per day in the second quarter of this year from 21,803 barrels in the first quarter.

The production estimates are based on the data from the energy and mineral resources ministry on Banyu Urip oil production, which was ready for sales, Fajar Yudhy , head of natural resources department of the Bojonegoro district office said.

Based on the production data, oil production from Banyu Urip totaled 1.997 million barrels in the second quarter of this year , up from 1.962 million barrels in the first quarter, Fajar said.

Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL), the operator of the oilfield has continued to seek to boost production from the oilfield, he said here on Monday.

He said MCL is given a target as set in the state budget to produce 8.784 million barrels of oil from Banyu Urip this year raised from the previosly set target of 8.052 million barrels.

He refused to predict whether MCL could reach the new target, but he said , based on the performance so far the target is within reach.

Meanwhile, Herry Sudjarwo, head of the Bojonegoro regional income service , said increase had also been recorded in oil production from nearby Sukowati field , which is operated by Joint Operating Body (JOB) of Pertamina-Petrochina East Java.

The oil production from Sukowati field has increased after recovery was made in the productivity of oil well in the oilfield, Herry said.  (ASG/YH)