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Pertamina reactivates old wells

24th July 2012 | 1.273 Views
Sangatta (ANTARA News)- PT Pertamina EP Field Sangatta is seeking to pump out oil from old oil wells in the Sangatta field, Kutai Timur East Kalimantan, in a bid to increase production after being on the decline lately.

Old and already long abadoned oil wells are expected to contribute to the company`s attempt to increase its oil production, a company official said.

The oil production of the subsidiary of state oil and gas company PT Pertamina, has declined lately .

Suyitno Salindeho, the field manager PT Pertamina EP Sangatta, said the old wells SS-03 and SS-05 are believed to still have significant recoverable reserves.

The wells have been abandoned since 1998 and 1991 as they were considered to have lost their commercial value, after long being exploited since 1970.

They are located quite far from other wells still in operation, Suyitno said here on Tuesday.

He said other old wells in the area will also be redeveloped if siginifcant oil is produced from the two well SS-03 and SS-05.

Based on evaluation, the two wells still have the potential to turn out 15-20 barrels per day, he said.

The company, however, will likely face problem in redeveloping the two wells as that area has been occpuied by squatters who built livestock farms.

The company has to do land clearing again as the squatters have laid claim to the landSuyitno said .

Currently the company has 88 wells remaining productive of 216 wells in that area.