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Philippine's "new ambassador" named Lolong the crocodile

31st July 2012 | 3.312 Views
Crocodiles in captivity in Indonesia. Like Philippine, Indonesia has also crocodile farms in some provinces. (ANTARA/Septianda Perdana)
Manila (ANTARA News) - The Philipine government has decided to make Lolong, the world's biggest living crocodile in captivity, as an "ambassador" for the country's crocodile conservation program, a senior government official said on Monday.

"Crocodiles should not be indiscriminately hunted simply for their meat or their skin. We have crocodile farms that breed them specifically for that purpose. Crocodiles in the wild help maintain the natural web of life between predators and their prey," Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said.

The Guinness World Records has proclaimed Lolong as the world's largest living crocodile in captivity.

Lolong, a saltwater crocodile, is presently confined in a pen exclusively built for him, the star attraction at what is now the Bunawan Eco-Park and Research Center in Consuelo village in Bunawan town, southern province of Agusan del Sur. 

He was captured in September last year at Magsagangsang River in Bunawan, following his attack of livestock and the reported killing of a 12- year-old girl in Lake Mihaba in 2009.

The captured crocodile has a total body length of 6.17 meters. The previous largest crocodile on record was Cassius Clay, measuring 5.48 meters long and captured in Australia.