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Ugandan Ebola outbreak death toll rises to 16

2nd August 2012 | 3.771 Views
Ugandan Ebola outbreak death toll rises to 16
Laborant wearing biosafety level 4 hazmat suit observed Ebola virus behaviour in the laboratory. There are five characterized Ebola virus species, which are Zaire ebolavirus (the most lethal to human), Sudan ebolavirus, Reston ebolavirus (identified in Hazleton Laboratories in Reston, Virginia, US), Cote d'Ivorie ebolavirus, and Bundibugyo ebolavirus. (wikipedia)
Kampala, Uganda (ANTARA News) - The death toll resulting from the deadly Ebola outbreak in Uganda has increased to 16 after two more people died, a ministry of health statement issued here on Wednesday said.

According to the statement the first death was a female who had earlier tested positive for Ebola while the other was a new admission in the Kagadi Hospital isolation facility.

This brings the total number of dead to 16 since the onset of the outbreak that started in Nyanswiga village in the Midwestern Ugandan district of Kibaale in July.

The statement said currently there are two confirmed cases of Ebola and 16 unconfirmed admitted at the hospital isolation facility.

"The ministry of health surveillance team in Kibaale district is actively and closely following up to 176 people suspected to have got into contact with the dead and sick. These contacts have not shown any signs of the disease but continue to be monitored," the statement said.

The ministry urged the public to avoid unnecessary movements and gatherings especially in Kibaale and neighboring districts.

"The ministry assures the general public that the epidemic is being managed appropriately and will be contained. The public should continue to be vigilant but without creating unnecessary fear and panic," the statement said.

Ebola presents with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, measles-like rash, red eyes, and sometimes with bleeding from body openings.

The last outbreak in Uganda was in 2011 and in late 2007 the outbreak in the western district of Bundibugyo claimed 37 lives out of the 148 infected.