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Tanjung steam power plant to start operating in November

9th August 2012 | 3.901 Views
Tanjung steam power plant to start operating in November
PT Adaro project in Tabalong, East Kalimantan.
Tanjung (ANTARA News) - The steam power plant (PLTU) in Tanjung, Tabalong district, South Kalimantan province, constructed by coal-mining company Adaro Energy, with a capacity of 60 megawatts (MW), will start operating in November this year to support the company`s operations, according to a company official.

"It was planned that the power produced by the Tanjung plant would be mainly used to support Adaro's mining activities," PT Adaro Energy corporate secretary Devindra Ratzarwin said here on Thursday.

The PLTU will have two boilers. The first unit is expected to operate from November 2012 onwards, while the second one will start in March 2013, he added.

According to Devindra, the advanced boiler technology circulating fluidized bed (CFB) used in the plant will offer more efficient combustion and lower levels of emission.

"In addition, the boiler technology uses low-grade coal sulphur, so it is fit for any type of fuel," he explained.

It is expected that one boiler will be able to burn up to 26 tonnes of coal per hour at maximum capacity.

"The PLTU will feature an 88-metre-high concrete stack, which will be equipped with a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) and ash dyke, in order to accommodate the 40,000 square-metre-capacity exhaust system," Devindra noted.

Meanwhile, the company`s investor relations head Cameron Tough said Adaro had reduced its coal production to 48-51 million tonnes this year, compared with last year's 50-53 million tonnes, because of difficult market conditions.

"The sluggish market, however, has not hampered the long-term growth strategy of the company," he added.

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