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Land cleared for S. Kalimantan airport expansion

13th August 2012 | 2.475 Views
Land cleared for S. Kalimantan airport expansion
Syamsuddin Noor Airport. (
Banjarbaru (ANTARA News) - Land clearing for the expansion of the Syamsudin Noor airport of Banjarbaru in South Kalimantan has been 57 percent completed.

Around 58 hectares of 102 hectares needed for the expansion of the airport have been cleared, Syahriani, chairman of the committee for land procurement in Banjarbaru said.

Part or 33.57 hectares of the land to be used for airport expansion are private property, Syahriani said here on Monday.

The rest are government land appropriated for public facility, and lands owned by the provincial administration and the air force, he said.

He said 22.57 hectares of the private property have been acquired and the remaining 10 hectares will be bought after they are verified that there is no dispute.

Syahriani, who is concurrently secretary of the Banjarbaru city administration, said he is optimistic the process of land clearing would have no significant problem.

He denied suggestion that the land owners had been forced to sell their lands and accept the price set by the city authorities.

He said payments were made after 80 percent of the owners of 80 hectares of private land around the airport had agreed to sell their lands.

Based on a presidential regulation No 65 of 2006 on procurement of land for public interest, all land owners are required to sell their lands if 75 percent of the owners have agreed on the price.

Earlier, Gerrit Mailenzun, the general manager of state airport operator PT Angkasa Pura I said the budget for the land clearing is set at Rp290 billion.

The fund would include Rp67 billion to compensate for 409 buildings that have to be pulled down and Rp1 billion for plants, Gerrit said.

The fund has been available for disbursement, he said, adding "if it is not enough we will ask for more from the office of the minister for state enterprises and the board of directors of PT Angkasa Pura."