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Bali`s exports of canned fish worth $15.47 m

17th August 2012 | 2.307 Views
Bali`s exports of canned fish worth $15.47 m
Canned fish. (wikimedia)
Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Bali exported US$15.47 million worth of canned fish in the first half of this year or a 43.8 percent increase from the same period last year.

Exports of canned fish has continued to increase from Bali but the increase in the first six months of the year was especially high, an exporter said.

Exports in the same period last year grew only by 10.83 percent in value, he said.

I Ketut Teneng, the spokesman of the Bali regional administration, attributed the increase in earning to growing sales in volume.

Bali exports of canned fish grew 54.05 percent on-year in volume to 5.24 tons in the January-June period this year, Teneng said here on Friday.

Canned fish is one of seven major export earners among Bali`s manufactured commodities.

Exports of canned fish are determined by the market condition in international markets and production of the commodity in Bali, he said.

Teneng said the largest market for canned fish is Japan to which exports made up 42.39 percent of the total exports of canned shrimp and fish, followed by the United States accounting for 26.38 percent, Hong Kong 4.05 percent and Australia 3.12 percent.

"Canned fish contributes 6.37 percent to Bali`s total export earning of US$242.96 million in the first half of the year," Teneng said.

Other main export commodities among manufactured goods from Bali include components of prefabricated houses, plastics, shoes bags and textiles and garments all contributing US$81.75 million or 33.65 percent to Bali`s total export earning, he added.