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Over 50,000 prisoners` sentences reduced on RI's Independence Day

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012 15:08 WIB | 1.446 Views
Over 50,000 prisoners` sentences reduced on RI's Independence Day
Amir Syamsuddin. (ANTARA)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Prison sentences of more than 50,000 inmates lodged throughout Indonesia were reduced on the country`s Independence Day, Justice and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin said on Friday.

"Over 50,000 people`s jail terms have been cutback. However, a slightly lesser number of prisoners will have their sentences reduced on the Idul Fitri holiday," he said.

As per government regulation no. 28/2006, their sentences will be cut by six months if they haven't done anything to violate their jail term, Syamsuddin noted.

Minister Syamsuddin said he will be present at the Cipinang prison in east Jakarta on Friday afternoon to make the announcement.

Remissions in sentences have been granted to 58,595 prisoners. As a result, around 2,246 inmates will be freed immediately, while 56,349 will still have to wait and complete the remainder of their sentences.

A total of 153,246 persons, which include 50,275 prisoners and 102,971 inmates were locked up in jails and prisons throughout Indonesia till August 2012.