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Visitors throng Bali Zoo during Idul Fitr holiday

21st August 2012 | 1.872 Views
Visitors throng Bali Zoo during Idul Fitr holiday
Bali Zoo (FOTO ANTARA/Nyoman Budhiana)
Denpasar (ANTARANews) - Around 3,000 people visited the Bali Zoo during this year`s Idul Fitri holiday, which is considerably more than the numbers of tourists who flocked to the zoo in 2011, its spokesperson Emma Kristiana Chandra said on Tuesday.

"In addition to foreign tourists, we also saw the number of domestic visitors growing sizably," she said.

Data indicates that around 3,000 domestic tourists dropped in at the zoo located in Singapadu in the Gianyar district on Sunday and Monday, which was a 25 percent jump from the 2,400 visitors that the zoo had during the same period in 2011.

Most of the domestic visitors coming to the zoo were from Jakarta and Surabaya, Chandra pointed out.

The zoo management had organized several outdoor activities to entertain visitors, such as feeding lions, riding elephants around the zoo and a bird show held at periodic intervals.

Visitors were also excited to pose for pictures with the several wild animals that inhabit the zoo, including crocodiles, white tigers and binturongs, she noted.

The zoo charges local residents US $6.3 or Rp60 thousand per person, while non-Bali dwellers are expected to pay US $7.9 or Rp75 thousand per adult and US $3.9 or Rp37 thousand per child.

Meanwhile, foreign tourists are charged US $24 for adults and US $12 for children.

Chandra said she expects the number of visiting tourists to swell in wake of the holiday, which has been extended to Tuesday and Wednesday.