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Police collecting information from terrorist suspect Toriq

11th September 2012 | 1.087 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Police are still intensively examining suspected terrorist M Toriq in an effort to develop his case.

"Right now we are still seeking efforts to develop the case from Toriq," National Police head of public relations Brigadier General Boy Rafli Amar said here on Tuesday.

Boy said several bomb explosion incidents in Tambora, Beji and Bojong Gede are still under investigation and checks on bomb materials by the forensic laboratory are still being made.

"The results would be compared with the findings in Beji which we suspect some of the materials used there come from Bojong Gede," he said.

In the search in Bojong Gede, the police anti-terror unit has held suspected terrorist named Arif. So Toriq has also given information regarding those involved including the one who is currently being treated at the police hospital and whose identity has not yet been identified known, he said.

"So, the bomb explosions in Tambora and Beji are the work of an organization while the targets known are still four. They have not yet executed their plans. They are still at a planning stage and preparing bombs," he said.

Four targets of bombing by Toriq are the Police Mobile Brigade headquarters, a police post in Salemba, the Densus 88 and Budhist community in relation to Rohingya case in Myanmar, he said.

"The materials to be maded into bombs have even been taken by Toriq and his friends to his home," he said.

Before taking action Toriq wrote a letter asking for an apology to his mother, wife, children, neighbors and teacher, Boy said.

Toriq fled when bomb materials were found in his home in Tambora, West Jakarta, on September 5. He was also able to flee when after a blast in Beji, Depok, West Java, on September 8 before surrendering to the police on September 9.  (YH/A014)