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Indonesian BNN arrests narcotics distribution chief

14th September 2012 | 3.943 Views
Indonesian BNN arrests narcotics distribution chief
Adam Wilson. (ANTARA/Idhad Zakaria)
Cilacap, Central Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has arrested a drug convict believed to have led the distribution of narcotic drugs from a maximum security prison in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java.

Adam Wilson, a Malawi citizen, was arrested while undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Cilacap on Friday.

BNN confiscated a number of materials as evidence, including a cell phone, during the arrest.

Wilson was then taken back to the Kembang Kuning Penitentiary in Nusakambangan by an ambulance at about 2 pm.

According to the BNN, Wilson is the chief of an international narcotics distribution ring and has been running the illegal business from behind bars.

"Based on our investigation, Adami is the one who orchestrated the distribution of around 8.7 kilograms of methamphetamine. All suspects that we have arrested point at him," BNN spokesman Senior Commissioner Sumirat Dwiyono said at a press conference.

He noted that Wilson`s arrest was made after the arrest of three suspects, identified as ES (who acted as a courier), HS and SA.

"ES is a ship crew member. ES, HS and SA are all Indonesian citizens," Sumirat added.

"ES and HS had been ordered by someone to take crystal methamphetamine to India and they left for the country on August 8, 2012. They received the stuff from a Nigerian citizen there on August 14 and later left for Timor Leste with two suitcases containing the drug," he explained.

Sumirat stated that ES and HS were later joined by SA. Then, the three left for Kupang by land, carrying three suitcases full of crystal methamphetamine on August 22.

"They stayed at Hotel Brengston in Kupang before being caught by BNN officers on August 28," he added.

While interrogating the three arrested suspects, the officers learned that the drugs were supposed to be delivered to two different people, identified as G and R, in different places.

"The BNN officers then secretly monitored the delivery of the drugs to G, who was later caught at a hotel on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in Medan, North Sumatra, on August 24, with 2,675.2 grams of meth as evidence," Sumirat said.

The officers later caught another person, identified as C, who was suspected to be an accomplice of R, after monitoring the delivery of the drugs to R.

Sumirat said C admitted to receiving orders from three of his superiors, identified as HJ, HW and WY, for 507.3 grams, 50.2 grams and 1,504.7 grams of drugs, respectively - all of whom were later arrested in Tangerang, Banten.

"In the course of its investigations, BNN has confiscated 8,689.2 grams of methamphetamine. BNN is still working on the case," he noted.

"They used completely new routes, which we had never expected. Normally, they use big airports as the entry points. But this time, the plan was to use small airports where the security is not as tight," Sumiran pointed out.

When asked about the woman with Adami, he said she was Adami`s friend. "It was only Adam Wilson who was arrested in Cilacap. The woman is only his friend," Sumiran stated.

Wilson was caught at around 5 am, in company of the woman, while undergoing treatment at the hospital in Cilacap.

"Earlier, he was sentenced to death by the district court of Tangerang in 2002 for possessing heroin," Sumirat said.