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Floods isolate 1,500 families in Agam

31st December 2012 | 1.438 Views
Floods isolate 1,500 families in Agam
Photo document of big flood in West Sumatera. (ANTARA/Iggoy el Fitra)
Lubukbasung (ANTARA News) - Floods hit the Nagari Tiku Lima Jorong village, Agam district, West Sumatra province on Sunday and caused at least 1,500 families isolated, according to a village head.

The overflowing rivers of Batang Antokan and Masang located at Jorong Subang-Subang, Labuan, Muaro Putih, Masang and Gadih Angik villages which caused the floods, inundated the areas with the water high of upto one meter, head of the Nagari Tiku Lima Jorong, Bagindo Rosman said here on Monday.

"I was informed that the people`s food supplies have run out," he said, adding that some 100 families out of the 1.500 families were trapped in their villages which were inundated by the floods.

The 100-families lived in the villages of Tiga Kampung Jambu, Empat Pinang Baririk and Delta.

"Some of the families took refuge in the mosque and school building," he said.

Meanwhile, the Agam chief of Regional Disaster Management Agency, Bambang Warsito noted that his office has deployed two boats to relocate residents who were trapped in the floods.

In the meantime, a flash flood triggered by incessant rainfall over the past few days inundated hundreds of houses in several parts of Gorontalo city, Sulawesi, on Sunday night.

"The flood affected the Siendeng, Biawu and Tenda areas in Hulonthalangi sub-district," said Amir, a local resident on Monday.

Many residents of the flood-hit areas moved to safer places.

"This time, the flood situation is very bad, forcing us to move our belongings to higher grounds," Amir stated.

The flash flood was caused by the overflowing of Bulango River.

The flood victims expressed hope that the local authorities would send relief aid.

"We cannot sleep tonight. I hope the local authorities would do something in response to this disaster," said Akri, another local resident.