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Education ministry extends "bidik misi" 2014 into profession program

30th March 2013 | 1.938 Views
Education ministry extends
(ANTARA/M Risyal Hidayat)
Semarang, C Java (ANTARA News) - Education and Cultural Affairs Minister M Nuh said scholarship program "Bidik Misi" for college students will be extended to also cover profession program in 2014.

"We have modified `Bidik Misi` program and in 2014 we will extend the scholarship program into profession program as well," said M Nuh when speaking in a seminar on "Bidik Misi" at the state University of Semarang here on Saturday.

He mentioned that the "Bidik Misi" will facilitate economically disadvantaged students who graduated from medical faculty and need to continue to the profession education.

"The students who graduated from medical faculty need to continue to the profession education. This is a kind of profession that will be supported by `Bidik Misi` scholarship," the minister said.

According to him, the scholarship will also facilitate students graduating from the education faculty as would-be teachers who must take certification program before they can teach.

Minister Nuh said `Bidik Misi` Scholarship is an affirmative program which is regulated under the the Higher Learning Law, therefore, the program will remain despite whoever the education minister is in the future.

"We are allocating at least 50,000 `Bidik Misi` scholarships for the fresh students in 2013. We hope that we can increase the funds allocated for the program by using the amended State Budget (APBNP)," Minister said.

The total number of students who receive the scholarships reach 142,000 people.

The government is allocating Rp1.4 trillion from the state budget for "Bidik Misi" Scholarship in 2013 for economically disadvantaged students having good academic achievements.

Nuh said 50,000 students who receive the scholarships are from state universities. However, he said the ministry would promise scholarships for private university students as well.