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RI to become world muslim apparel center in 2015

25th June 2013 | 3.229 Views
RI to become world muslim apparel center in 2015
Illustration. Indonesian muslim dresses. (FOTO ANTARA/Arif Firmansyah)
Gorontalo, N Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is expected to become the world`s Muslim apparel center in 2015, Director General of Arts-and-Culture-based Creative Economy Ahman Sya said.

"It is a difficult dream but Indonesia must be able to realize it. There are many factors which support Indonesia to become a world Muslim clothes center," he said after opening the Creative Economic Worship here on Tuesday.

He said that Indonesia is the world`s largest Muslim country so that it was reasonable if the Muslim fashion trend surfaced from Indonesia.

Besides, Indonesia`s various regional customs and cultures would enrich the designs and fabrics of its Muslim dresses, the director general said.

The materials used are not only batik, but also many other kinds of clothing from the regions which have different motives and colors made from natural materials.

The cultural and natural resource riches owned by the country are not found in other nations so that they are significant assets for Indonesia to dominate the market of the world`s Muslim attires.

"Culture is a source of inspiration to develop creative economy. Through batik, for example, Indonesia can create various ethnic and interesting designs," Ahman Sya said.

He said that Indonesia was not unable to compete with other design creator countries because it had its own qualified local designers.

The director general expressed confidence that by realizing its target to become the world`s Muslim apparel center, Indonesia could improve its economy through Muslim clothes` business.(*)