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PLN to build Java-Sumatra interconnection power networks

12th September 2013 | 1.911 Views
Kalianda, Lampung (ANTARA News) - State-owned electricity company PLN will build a 3000 MW Java-Sumatra interconnection electricity network to minimize power outages and strengthen power supplies to Java and Sumatra, a PLN official said.

The project is being planned by PLN`s Developement IV Interconnection Unit (UIP IV), said Ivan, manager of PLN`s UIP IV Kalianda office, here on Thursday.

He added that PT PLN UIP IV would build an interconnection power transmission building on a 20 thousand sq meter site which is to be connected to Salira, Cilegon City, Banten, in Java.

"Its landing point will be located in Muarabalak hamlet, Ketapang village, Ketapang subdistrict, South Lampung," he said.

He noted that the interconnection transmission would pass through areas of Mesuji district, Tulangbawang, West Tulangbawang, Central Lampung, East Lampung and South Lampung.

Ivan also said the PLN will build a planning point in Ketapang village, while towers will be erected in six other villages.

"At least 20 towers will be built in the six villages," he added.(*)