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Mahfud MD confirms he will run for president

16th November 2013 | 2.092 Views
Mahfud MD confirms he will run for president
Mahfud MD. (ANTARA/Regina Safri)
Malang, East Java (ANTARA News) - Former Constitutional Court chief justice Mahfud MD has confirmed that he will run for president in 2014.

In a meeting with Madureses younger generation here on Friday evening, he said he would no longer hide his intention to run for president.

"I will not again hide that I will be one of the presidential candidates in the election in 2014. I will not hide it again. Among common Madurese we have to be frank," he said in a lecture on legal affairs before 100 members of the Association of Madurese Younger Generation (Hegemura) of Malang district.

Mahfud, who comes from Madura island in East Java, said if members of the Hegemura supported him to run for president, then he hoped they would be sincere in their support.

The meeting was attended by Malang district head Rendra Kresna, presidential special aide Prof Masud Said and member of the House of Representatives Commission III Sayid Muhammad.

During the meeting, attendants applauded Mahfud and said prayers for him "We hope Mahfud MD would be president or, minimally, Vice President," said Gus Mahfud, a Madurese community figure from the Malang district.

Malang district head Rendra Kresna, meanwhile, said in his speech at the meeting that people in the district had asked him to send their greetings to Mahfud MD.

"Pak Mahfud is known for his consistency in law enforcement, and is a national figure who has always upheld the constitution based on consideration for the public's welfare," he said.

He added that the people in Malang district approved of and would support Mahfud MDs candidacy.

"The rule of law must be upheld and its enforcement must be continued to make the laws a strong umbrella for the people, with regard to nationhood and statehood," he said.

Mahfud MD has been supported as a potential president candidate due to his record in promoting the rule of law in the country, especially while he was chief justice of the constitutional court.

(Reporting by Endang Sukarelawati/T.E009/H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/A014)