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Legislator urges government to declare national disaster status

21st January 2014 | 1.453 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Member of Commission VIII in House of Representatives Hasrul Azwar urged the government to declare the national disaster status following several disastrous incidents in Indonesia.

"It is time for the government to declare the national disaster status in Indonesia, particularly related to Mount Sinabung eruption that has been occurring since four months now," stated Hasrul here, on Tuesday.

He noted that the government can take direct control in handling the disaster once the national disaster status has been declared.

"The impact of Mount Sinabung eruption has resulted in a loss in the agricultural sector in N Sumatra," remarked Hasrul.

Besides Sinabung eruption, the government should focus on several other disasters such as floods in Manado of N Sulawesi, Subang of W Java and Javas northern coastal highway area.

He asked the government to handle the disaster mitigation fully, by using the reserve budget and National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) budget.

Hasrul added that the government must have a budget of at least RP3 trillion to handle the disaster.

"I request the government to fully handle the disaster mitigation by using the reserve budget and not just the BNPB budget," Hasrul commented.

The BNPB noted that eight districts of Sulawesi such as Manado, Tomohon, Minahasa, N Minahasa, S Minahasa, SE Minahasa, Sangihe Islands and Sitaro Islands were affected by floods.

The agency stated that floods had claimed 19 casualties and affected 90 thousand people in N Sulawesi.

The total loss due to the disaster in N Sulawesi was predicted to be at RP1.87 trillion.

Besides, the Jakarta Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency noted that floods had affected 34 sub-districts and 38,672 families or 134,662 persons from 14 to 21 of January.

The agency noted that at least 62,819 persons have been evacuated from 253 areas and the disaster has already claimed 12 casualties. (*)