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View that Jokowi is puppet candidate misleading: PDIP

4th April 2014 | 1.908 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) declared that statements made by cadres of other parties that Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, is a puppet presidential candidate, are misleading.

"Statements by Fahri Hamzah (Deputy Secretary General of the Justice and Prosperous Party/PKS), Fadli Zon (Deputy General Chairman of the Great Indonesia Movement Party/Gerindra) and Gerindra Chief Patron Prabowo Subianto that Jokowi is a puppet presidential candidate, were misleading," PDIP Deputy Secretary General Achmad Basarah reiterated here on Friday.

He stated that the credibility of the three politicians who made the statements that a presidential candidate must be independent was questionable.

Achmad explained that Article 6A point 2 of the 1945 Constitution stipulated that the presidential or vice presidential candidate pair-ups should be proposed by political parties or a coalition of political parties before the election is held.

"Based on the Constitution, all presidential and vice presidential candidates should be based on the proposal of a political party," he asserted.

Referring to the mater it is clear that the presidential and vice presidential candidates should be based on the decision of the political party which named them, Achmad added.

He pointed out that the presidential and vice presidential candidates in Indonesia should be under the subordinate of an organization called a political party.

"The presidential and vice presidential concerned should be bound by and implement the ideology and platform as well as programs of the political party if they are elected," Achmad pointed out.

Earlier, PKS deputy secretary general Fahri Hamzah agreed to the allegation raised by Gerindra that Jokowi resembled a puppet which was not independent in carrying out any policy without permission from the owner (PDIP.ed).

Fahri is of the view that Jokowi was not independent so his nomination as a presidential candidate was similar to that of a puppet.

He added that Indonesia is a sovereign country which should be led by a president who is free from intervention.(*)