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Welfare and environment can be aligned: UNESCO

24th April 2014 | 3.922 Views
Welfare and environment can be aligned: UNESCO
Hubert J Gijzen. (
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Director of the UNESCO Office in Jakarta Hubert J Gijzen said welfare and environment can be aligned through sustainable development programs.

"Revolution always aims to make people become prosperous. However, it can have an impact on poverty and the environment," Hubert said during the celebration of Earth and Water Day in Jakarta on Thursday.

Hubert said the industrial revolution 200 years ago was not sustainable, so that made people think about the importance of sustainable development.

The principle of sustainable development is the ability to meet current needs without compromising the future needs.

"Environmental awareness can be introduced since early childhood and begun in a nuclear family," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Water Resource Management (PSDA) Arie Setiadi Moerwanto said to realize sustainable development is to change the mindset in the development process.

In Java Island there should be a population distribution.

"Infrastructure in the other islands also needs to be built," Arie said.

(Reporting by Indriani/editing by Maria Rosari/INE/KR-BSR/F001)