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Jakarta police to deploy 19,000 personnel on May Day

30th April 2014 | 3.348 Views
Jakarta police to deploy 19,000 personnel on May Day
(ANTARA/Muhammad Adimaja)
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Police will deploy some 19,557 personnel to guard the May Day rallies in the capital city where about 7,000-10,000 workers plan to hold rallies for two days on Thursday and Friday.

Of the 19,557 police personnel, about 3,000 are traffic police officers who will maintain order in traffic, and help it flow and avoid gridlocks.

"Police officers will also help guard laborers from their gathering points to their rally destinations," Deputy Director for Traffic Police of the Jakarta Regional Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sambodo Purnomo said here on Wednesday.

He said there were 14 points of destinations for workers to hold rallies in Jakarta. These points included the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, the Mardeka Palace, the Parliament building, the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration and the Bung Karno Sports Stadium.

Sambodo said demonstrating laborers will walk from the Hotel Indonesia roundabout to the Merdeka Palace. Workers will observe the May Day for two days on Thursday and Friday.

The police force called on the people and commuters to avoid the rally locations.

Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Dwi Priyatno said on Tuesday that about 7,000 to 10,000 workers will hold rallies in different parts of Jakarta and its satellite towns of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek).

He said representatives and leaders of the workers unions had met the police force to express their commitment to not to incite unrest when they staged demonstrations on the streets.

"They promised not to blockade toll roads and public facilities as had happened in the past. Police personnel will guard the locations of the rallies," Dwi Priyatno said.

He said security officers will take a persuasive approach to workers who expressed their aspirations. However, they will take firm actions based on procedures if demonstrators turn violent and resort to anarchic actions.

The workers will demonstrate for eight hours a day on May 1 and 2 in several locations in Jakarta. "The demonstrations will be done in turn by various worker unions, such as the Confederation of Indonesian Worker Unions (KSPI) on Thursday, May 1.

The Confederation of the All Indonesia Worker Unions (KSPSI), meanwhile, will conduct the demonstration on Friday, May 2," KSPSIs president Andi Gani Nena Wea said on Wednesday.

He said the demonstrations on Thursday will take place along the Thamrin thoroughfare, the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, the State Palace and will peak at the Bung Karno main stadium.

On Friday, the demonstrations will take place mostly in the same locations but will peak in front of the State Palace.

Based on information from the KSPI, workers will present their demands during the demonstrations, including pay rise, retirement insurance, health insurance, eradication of outsourcing system of employment, provision of cheap transportation and housing facilities for workers and scholarships for workers children.

Legislator Indra of Commission IX on manpower affairs of the House of Representatives (DPR) stated that he supported the planned mass rallies during the May Day observation.

"The demands raised by various labor unions of late indicate the reality over their saddening conditions," Indra said.

He asserted that the labor mass rallies also reflected the governments negligence in ensuring the rights of laborers as stipulated in regulations now in force.

Indra added that workers demands during the May Day rallies included welfare improvement, proper jobs, proper pay and elimination of the outsourcing modern slave and contract work systems. "Besides, they also reject unilateral layoffs," he stated.

The legislator said the government had the obligation to meet demands raised by workers and to ensure their basic rights. "The government should ensure the basic rights of laborers as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution in Law No. 13/2003 and Law No. 21/200 and in various other laws," Indra said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) for Central Java Frans Kongi expressed hope that anarchic acts will not take place during the May Day rallies on Thursday and Friday.

"They should not commit acts that cause concern among the public and block roads," he said.

He hoped that May 1, which was declared as a national holiday by the government for the first time this year, will be used by workers to rest.

However, Frans Kongi admitted that although many companies follow the May Day holiday, many others will still run their factories to meet the deadline of their customers orders.

Regarding demonstrations, which were always held by workers during May Day, Frans said he had heard some workers will stage demonstrations.

"As we are from the employers sides, we will appreciate what they choose to do on that day. We can only remind them that the people are now increasingly smart. So, if the demonstrators resort to anarchic acts, the people will of course assess them negatively, "he added.

Therefore, Coordinating Minister for Peoples Welfare Agung Laksono called on workers not to be anarchic but to help maintain order and peace during their rallies.

"The government hopes that the labor rallies will proceed peacefully in an orderly manner without being marred by anarchic acts," Agung Laksono said.

He said that workers were free to express their aspirations during the rallies but the aspirations must be made in an orderly manner without any infiltration of irresponsible provocateurs.

"Rallies must be held with genuine attention without involving provocateurs. The government will always do its best to realize workers aspirations," the minister added.