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Archaeology office unearths prehistoric bracelets in Jayapura, Papua

12th January 2015 | 8.526 Views
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Archaeology Office of Jayapura, Papua, has discovered prehistoric bracelet artifacts made from coral sea shells in Puay Village, East Sentani Sub-District, Jayapura, Papua.

"Most of the coral sea bracelets found in the hill slopes have been eroded by the water flowing in Lake Sentani," Hari Suroto, an archaeologist, stated here on Monday.

Some of the bracelets were found in good shape, while others were discovered in fragments. The bracelets are made from coral sea shells belonging to the Conidae family.

"This kind of coral can be found in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. The bracelets are white, and their shapes are good and smooth," Hari revealed.

He stated that geographically, Puay Village is located at the intersection of Lake Sentanis estuary and Jaifuri Rivers upstream.

According to information obtained from the locals, the coral sea bracelets were used as jewelry and dowry during the prehistoric era.

"It is interesting that the coral sea bracelets were found in the fresh water area of Lake Sentani," Hari stated, adding that the current facts indicate that the people living near Lake Sentani had been in contact with those residing in the eastern coasts of the Pacific Ocean via the Jaifuri River that empties into the Pacific Ocean.

"The bracelets prove the Sentani tribes legends that their ancestors migrated from Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, in the eastern part to Lake Sentani some 2,590 years ago," Hari added.(*)