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Foreign media should obtain permits to cover Papua: Chief minister

11th May 2015 | 7.458 Views
Merauke, Papua (ANTARA News) - Foreign journalists must first obtain permits if they want to cover Papua, and there will be screening, according to Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno.

"So, we will not be blamed if they go to forbidden areas," the chief minister affirmed here, Sunday.

The entry of foreign journalists into Papua is no longer closed, but there are preconditions if they want to cover news. Their reports must not contain defamatory content and information that is not based on facts and discredits Indonesia, the minister noted.

Foreign media can report what they see, and they should not seek untrue data provided by armed groups, he added.

"So, let the journalists have a firsthand glimpse of the situation in Papua. There is no news alike what is reported by the overseas media," Minister Tedjo stated.

The government is now implementing the welfare approach and no longer uses the repressive security approach.

"We can see that is happening here because the news published by foreign media describes that the situation is full of violations. I think it is not true," the minister noted.

President Joko Widodo, here on Sunday, stated that the foreign media are now free to enter Papua, similar to how they can enter other provinces in Indonesia.

"Beginning today, Sunday, I allow the foreign journalists if they want to go to Papua just like the other regions," President Jokowi stated in response to a question posed by Antara after attending a grand harvest in Wapeko, Kurik Sub-district, Merauke District, Papua Province.

Starting now, the nation should think positively and promote mutual trust, which is disappearing lately.

"Do not ask that question, that is enough," Jokowi responded when questioned about a fact that foreign journalists usually prefer to cover the activities of illegal armed groups.(*)